The Employers’ Consultative Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ECA) proudly extends warm congratulations to the five (5) distinguished individuals recently appointed as Judges of the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago: Mr Glenn Wilson, Mr Mario Als, Mr Peter Ramkissoon, Ms Stephanie Fingal and Ms Carol London.

The ECA is particularly pleased to acknowledge Her Honour Ms. Stephanie Fingal, former Interim Chief Executive Officer of the ECA, who capably led the organisation between 2018 – 2022. Ms Fingal’s leadership and strategic foresight was particularly pivotal in successfully guiding the organisation through the challenges and uncertainty of a global pandemic. Her extensive career as a human resource and industrial relations practitioner has been marked by a continuous commitment to improving the national industrial relations landscape, as well as advocating for improvements on socio-economic issues across the spectrum of employee and industrial relations. Notably, her involvement in recent national and regional initiatives aimed at eradicating child labour and addressing gender-based violence within the workplace and the wider society exemplifies her dedication to social justice and workplace equality.

The Industrial Court is a fundamental and vital institution within our society, playing a crucial role in the promotion of justice and industrial peace, as well as establishing appropriate standards of behaviour and systems of work. In this regard, the ECA extends its best wishes to all new Judges of the Industrial Court, as they seek to dispense justice in accordance with the principles of equity, good conscience, the substantial merits of each matter, and with due regard to the principles of sound industrial relations practice.

The ECA remains committed to collaborating with the Industrial Court and all social partners in promoting a productive, fair and harmonious industrial relations climate in Trinidad and Tobago.

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