Through the promotion of the principles and practices of good industrial relations the Industrial Relations Solutions Centre is geared towards resolving workplace conflict among Employers and Workers.

This Centre helps clients identify problems, clarify perspectives and concerns while reaching durable and mutually satisfactory agreements. It also protects the right to justice for Employers by providing high quality dispute resolution and Industrial Relations services. This Solution Centre offers numerous services, including:

  • Mediation
  • Industrial Relations Audit
  • Representation at the Industrial Court and Ministry of Labour
  • Industrial Relations Retainer
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Representation at Meetings with Trade Unions
  • Mentorship in Practical Industrial Relations Experience
  • Review of Policy Manuals
  • Presentation of Policy Manuals
  • Education and Sensitization of Management and Staff on Industrial Relation Issues
  • Daily Support Services for your company’s Industrial Relations needs

Our Industrial Relations Solution Centre boats an over 90% positive result rate in dealing with matters at the Industrial Court and a combined 75 years of experience in industrial relations management and consultancy so contact us to day to see how you can get the support you need, with a partner you can trust!

For Industrial Relations solutions please contact us at 675-5873, 638-6463, 638-9394, 675-9388, fax number 675-6026 or email communications[at]