Improved delivery ultimately depends on enabled, engaged and capable people. The Human Resources Solution Centre is here to assist with your company’s most important asset – your people!  Whether you are a Human Resource Specialist within a multi-national corporation, a Human Resource Manager or Generalist at a mid-sized company, or an Owner/Manager of a small business or startup venture, you will find that our solutions can fit all of your needs.

Some of the key services of the HR Solutions Centre are:

  • Strategic Planning Consultation
  • Performance Management systems
  • Change Management Initiatives
  • Reward and Recognition Programmes
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Job Analysis, Job Evaluation and Job Description
  • HR Retainer
  • HR Audit

A company’s largest asset is its employees; therefore, ensuring that its Human Resources Systems function like a well-oiled engine is crucial for attracting and retaining the most qualified and productive staff.  Investing in Human Resources systems will help your company achieve and surpass all its goals.


Don't have an available resource at your organisation? Need more structured assistance with your day-to-day people management issues? Want to save on your monthly payroll costs? Our HR/IR Retainer service is fully tailored to meet the day-to-day needs of any business, regardless of size or industry. This Retainer service can range from a few hours of scheduled in-company support every month in order to help you address your most pressing human resources challenges, to full access to an engaged HR/IR professional.

Our services include:

  • Dedicated contact hours for general advice, guidance and consultancy on employee and people management issues; on-site or virtually
  • Customised advice for industrial relations litigation matters and disputes
  • Access to free telephone advice
  • Review of policies, contracts and HR/IR letters (e.g., disciplinary, performance etc.)
  • Roundtable meetings with company representatives or your senior management team
Why Choose Us?

OUR EXPERIENCE! You benefit from not just one (1) individual, but a team of professionals, with over 70 years of combined experience and knowledge

OUR PERFORMANCE! We boast a 92% success rate at the the Industrial Court of Trinidad & Tobago for matters represented in the past three (3) years

OUR CAPACITY! We are a complete, full-service provider with a suite of support services available under one (1) roof, including collective bargaining, training and development, research services...and more!


Why wait? Request a free estimate by clicking above or call the Employers Solution Centre and let us help you to resolve your most crucial HR needs. Ensure that your management decisions align with industrial relations and human resource management best practice, as well as various laws and practices governing the employment relationship.

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