The Business Resilience Bootcamp: A Leadership Guide to Crisis-Proof Your Business

The Business Resilience Bootcamp: A Leadership Guide to Crisis-Proof Your Business
"Continued success no longer hinges on momentum. Rather, it rides on resilience - on the ability to dynamically reinvent business models and strategies as circumstances change. Strategic resilience is not about responding to a onetime crisis or rebounding from a setback. It's about continually anticipating and adjusting to deep, secular trends that can permanently impair the earning power of a core business. It's about having the capacity to change even before the case for change becomes obvious. To thrive in turbulent times, companies must become as efficient at renewal as they are at producing today's products and services."
- Hamel and Välikangas, Harvard Business Review -

The Business Resilience Bootcamp (formerly known as the SURE programme),is designed to equip business leaders and professionals with the skills, methods, and tools to:
  • Lead in a crisis
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities that can affect the sustainability of the business
  • Develop the capacity to identify and assess important business functions and strategies for adaptation
  • Engage stakeholders and communicate the sustainability strategy effectively
  • Build a culture of sustainability within the organisation
  • Create sustainability strategies that are in line with the organisation's objectives
Whether small, medium or large, this six (6)-week programme will empower your business to survive and thrive in the face of unexpected adversities such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, pandemics, economic upheavals, and social disruptions. 
Participants will receive a certificate for completing the course and an International Labour Organization (ILO)/Employers Solution Centre (ESC) completion certificate for successfully submitting your own business resilience strategy.  

Programme Dates/Times

Start: Saturday, 17th June 2023 | End: Saturday, 22nd July 2023


Saturdays | 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (Atlantic Standard Time) 


ECA Members (TTD): $3,990.00 plus vat
Non-Members (TTD): $4,990.00 plus vat
Caribbean Participants (USD): $585.00
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  • An invoice will be generated and sent, to facilitate payment
  • Payment is required before the start of the Course
  • All webinars will be conducted online via the ZOOM Meeting platform 


Electronic payment can be made via Online Bank Transfer, to the Employers Solution Centre, via Republic Bank account number 290-457-289-901 (Branch: Tragarete Road, Port of Spain). We encourage the use of this facility at this time. Please send us a copy of your transaction receipt/confirmation.

Additionally, payment is also accepted via cheque, however, we do ask that customers send an image of the cheque prior to the start date of the session, if collection or delivery cannot be facilitated ahead of time. All cheques are to be made payable to the “Employers Solution Centre Limited”.

Other payment methods: Linx/Credit Card and Cash payments (in-office only).

Event Information

Event Date 17/06/2023 9:00 am
Event End Date 22/07/2023 1:00 pm
Individual Price TTD$900.00+vat (Members), TTD$1,260.00+vat (Non-Members), USD$585.00 (Caribbean)
Location Online - ZOOM Meeting

We are no longer accepting registration for this event