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Effective Letter Writing for HR/IR Friday 23 April 2021 09:00am 12:00pm

HR/IR letters are an important form of communication between an employer and employee. While they cover a broad spectrum of issues relating to the employment relationship, these letters must be coherent and legally sound, so as to satisfy the objectives of the letter, while avoiding, reducing, or resolving liability.


Topics to Be Covered

How to write disciplinary letters, such as:

  • Warning Letters
  • Suspension Letters
  • Termination Letters


How to Join This Programme

  1. Download and complete the registration form or register from this page (below)
  2. Remit payment via any of our available payment options, including online bank transfer (proof of payment required for this method)
  3. Payment is required before access to the session is provided. Meeting credentials are shared one (1) day prior
For further details please contact:
Training Department,,,
1(868) 675-5873 Ext 230, 246, 248

The Mental Health Crisis and The Employers Response Tuesday 27 April 2021 09:00am 12:00pm

As the Covid-19 pandemic lingers, and individuals continue to cope with its relative impacts such as limited physical contact, restriction of movement, reduced salaries and hours of work, and even the death of loved ones, stress and other mental health issues have become a real issue for individuals and workplaces. This programme will examine the topic of mental health from both a medical and industrial relations perspective.  It attempts to educate and sensitise employers on the increased mental health challenges and realities faced in the workplace, how to identify and treat such challenges, and create an environment that is productive by safeguarding the overall well-being of their human resource.


Topics to be Covered

  • How to identify and treat with mental breakdown, depression and suicide in the workplace.
  • Discrimination, equal opportunity and mental illness.
  • Reducing job stress and triggers that contribute to mental illness.
  • The disciplinary process for dealing with an employee with a mental illness.
  • How applicable is EAP for cases of mental illness?


Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Cost: $850.00 plus vat (ECA Members) | $995.00 plus vat (Non Members)

For further details please contact:
Training Department,,,
1(868) 675-5873 Ext 230, 246, 248

Termination, Early Retirement & Retrenchment on the Grounds of Ill-Health Friday 30 April 2021 09:00am 12:00pm

The programme will provide critical insights and information on the termination of employment due to illness as well as how Employers should address the issues of early retirement and retrenchment in relation to illness.


Topics to be Covered

  • Guiding principles and key considerations regarding Termination, Early Retirement and Retrenchment of an ill Employee.
  • Examination of non-medical factors.
  • Understanding the difference between Termination and Early Retirement on medical grounds.
  • The process: from diagnosis to final decision and timelines to consider.


Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Cost (per person): $995.00 plus vat (ECA Members) | $1,200.00 plus vat (Non Members)

An Introduction to Conversational Spanish for Business Tuesday 18 May 2021 02:30pm Tuesday 20 July 2021 04:00pm

This session will introduce employers and employees to the fundamentals of the Spanish language in a business context. Participants will enhance their capacity to better function in a bi-lingual workforce, and develop their ability to expand their customer reach, boost customer service and improve their relevance in our rapidly changing business environment.


Topics to be Covered

  • Introductions and Greetings
  • Office Courtesies, Making Requests and Offering Assistance
  • Instructions for the Workplace
  • Corporate Correspondence - personal information, filling out forms and basic email vocabulary
  • Roleplay and Interactive Sessions



May 18th, 2021 - July 20th, 2021

every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 p.m.

Duration: 90 minutes per session

Method: Fully ONLINE (via Zoom Meeting)



$2,495.00 plus vat

(Group Discount of 5% for five or more persons)


In order to ensure each participant receives the best learning experience, space is limited.

For further details please contact:
Training Department,,,
1(868) 675-5873 Ext 230, 246, 248